The Power of Words

Words are powerful, choose them wisely!

Every word we say is an order/request to the universe. If you were to close your eyes and think about the word ‘bad’, what would you visualize?

Do the same now for the word ‘good’ and again notice the image the mind produces. In most cases you do not visualise the written word itself but an image instead. What emotion did each image make you feel when you looked at it?

The most powerful way we manifest into our lives is by the emotions we feel.

Elite athletes, performers and many who are at the top of their field know of and utilize their power of visualization to more easily and quickly achieve their goals. Every word we say is a visualsiation we are practising and many reptitively several times on a daily basis – thats powerful stuff.

So next time someone asks you ‘how’s life?’ how will you answer?

‘Doing great, thanks.’


‘Not bad, same old.’

Think about it, Words are POWERFUL use them wisely.

Love, light and blessings from the highest source of divine love

Francesca Vinci

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