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Client Happiness

With her kind and very enthusiastic demeanour, Francesca gave me the boost in my life that I wasnt aware I could create. She encouraged me to direct my energy to constantly strive to see the positive aspects of my life situation and from there, grow and create! I am forever grateful to Francesca for this and look forward to her continual, selfless giving to the betterment of others lives.

Taylor Ellis

Melbourne, VIC

Francesca is an amazing coach who can truly change the way you think to overcome limiting beliefs whether you are aware of them or not. If you are struggling with something that you feel is holding you back then I highly recommend you call Francesca right now and see if after the first chat you begin to feel differently about it. She shows compassion, insight and is truly committed to your success. Francesca comes from the heart in her communication and her intent which is very important to me in feeling someone’s truth. Thanks a million.

Linda Chatwin

Founder & CEO, Bodyscents

Francesca has been coaching me for over a month now, helping me with my mindset, teaching me to love myself more and showing me how the Law of Attraction is a really valuable tool to have the life you want. Having Francesca as my coach has had a MASSIVE impact on noth (both) my life and my business. She is seriously the best coach I have ever had. I’ve had so many wins in the short space I’ve been coached by her, from having the confidence to leave my marriage and do it in a way where I actually felt empowered, to being able to manifest money within a day and attracting new, amazing clients into my business. Having Francesca on your side is like having a magical happiness sword tucked into your back pocket all the time reminding you that your in control.

Phillipa Kiripatea

Perth, WA,

Francesca is a fantastic leader in the world of positive mental states and the mindset of Happiness. I have observed her excellent work with clients and personally benefited from her vast experience in both meditation and the use of affirming language techniques. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Simon Stibbs

Business and Executive Coach

As I sit down to write this testimonial, I first just checked in with my body and mind, and brought myself into alignment so that I could write this from the most joyful place possible. Francesca taught me that, wherever I am, whatever is happening, whatever I’m feeling, I can always feel good. I can bring myself into an awareness that inspires relaxation, peace, joy and in some cases over whelming relief. Every single day that I live in happiness, presence, love, connectedness, and clarity has been a product of working with Francesca and of course myself! I can self-appreciate with overwhelming enthusiasm, I can honestly say that I can look myself in the eyes and know I love myself, I can say in total honesty that I love my body, most of all I can say with 100 percent truth that I love being me. That brings me a feeling of awesome emotion because I did it, from a blank slate; Francesca created a framework within which I could build an amazing life! She was there for me, every day, whenever I needed her, which I cherish so much. I’ve been to psychologists in the past, and while they work for some people I always felt resistance to the process because I believed they didn’t care about me as much as I needed at that time.

Francesca is incredible in that I felt secure, safe, cared for and that my wellbeing was safely in her hands. I know that I’ll never return to my previous non- positive state, I call Francesca my emotional backstop, my personal cheerleader, there is only forwards now. I am so incredibly excited to find out where my life is heading because so many miraculous things have happened in the 8 months I’ve known her. I have connected with my family on a deeper level, reconnected with friends that I hadn’t seen in years because of old behaviours, started art classes and jumping on any opportunity that comes my way whether its travel, socialising or career related. I have basically rediscovered what I want and opened my eyes to what’s most important- feeling good every day within myself, appreciating the amazing world around me and being inspired every day to create and attract experiences, events, people and things that bring immeasurable joy.

Ruth Morgan

Perth, WA

Francesca helped me through a very challenging situation. Attending a PD workshop as an attendee as well as a presenter, I was confronted with a personal breakthrough moments before taking the stage to present to a room full of business owners.

Francesca performed NLP on me with amazing results. I was not familiar with the process and found it hard to believe it could help me, but I trusted Francesca. In a very short time, Francesca moved me through my emotions to a place where I felt completely present, calm and able to present.

Francesca, I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend her services!

Sara Hall

Francesca has more than astounded me with her knowledge, skill, insight and wisdom, along with her tools to teach me the consistency of a higher vibration, & attract into my life exactly what I want.  am so grateful to Francesca, she goes above and beyond as a coach, is always there when really I need her, has total faith in me, is sincere & very loving. My results are showing in my reality thanks to my creations & evidence journal.

As a teacher & art therapist myself, I would highly recommend Francesca to anyone wanting to improve their life, business and relationships, to shift from challenges to solutions & increase their energy & vibrations.

Julie Tucker

Francesca is the happiest person I know, and she has been my life coach for about 5 years now. I can’t thank her enough for all that she’s helped me with! I have busted through so many old beliefs and patterns that weren’t serving me well and I have created a great life doing what I love with the people I love!! She keeps me on track with setting goals, creating and maintaining positive mindset habits, and taking action steps to keep proactive and be effective in my personal life and business, and just generally being HAPPY. She is always there for me in the good times and the not so good – I can call her if I need a little extra help with something, and she loves to share in the great results too! Thankyou Francesca for all that you do.

Bec Haas

Dunsborough, WA

Francesca excels in her role as a coach. Her positivity, energy and integrity are just some of the many great qualities she possesses.

Fleur Allen

Founder, Out of the Box Biz

Francesca has helped guide me through some major changes and obstacles in my personal life and business. A great process of assessment and guidance with practical applications that show results – often instantly. I do not hesitate in recommending people to make contact with Francesca to help lift them to that next level.

Colin Seal

Founder, The Dog Line

Having never had a coach before, I had no idea what to expect from either Francesca nor myself. I just knew I needed to do something to move me forward personally and professionally. And I have. There is no doubt about that. Francesca has this amazing ability to be able to work with you on the most sensitive issues with compassion, sensitivity and integrity. And she does not let you get away with anything. She is on to you immediately as she knows that that is how you move forward and grow. I am well on my way to success now and will continue on with my work with her. Thank you, Francesca.

Chantal Vanderhaeghen


Francesca has an amazing talent for getting to the nitty gritty with coaching and there has been a marked difference in the way I approach my business thanks to her coaching. Since I undertook mindset coaching with Francesca I have set and achieved goals in my personal life and business. Francesca has helped me to be clear about the direction I’m heading in and my business is becoming more successful as a result.“

Mary-Lou Halvorson

Founder, Zigma Video

Francesca has taught me that to obtain results there are several ways of doing tasks to achieve the results that can be obtained. She taught me how to more effectively communicate and ask for what I want, and gave me the confidence to carry out what I wanted to do to make my business more profitable and more efficient now and in the future. With her help I now have a successful business which is growing stronger all the time. She also gave me a focus for my future and helped me to plan this so it becomes more of a reality instead of a tiny vision that may never happen. Now it will! Thank you Francesca.

Pam Watt

Pam's Bookeeping Solutions

Francesca has been coaching me for about 8 months, and she has not only helped me to achieve what is possible but has also made me believe that ALL is possible!!! Her professionalism and knowledge on how to make you have a more positive outlook on life and her step by step program in her sessions so you get the most on all aspects of your life, emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, is second to none just simply AMAZING!

Not only will you walk out of her gorgeous office space with a buzz of energy but you will walk out of there as a different person for the better with a wealth of knowledge and a different way of approaching life…. YOUR VIBRATION WILL NEVER BE THE SAME:)”

Rosie Carbone

Stirling, WA

Do you ever get the feeling that you need extra help in overcoming “stuff”? I rang Francesca one Monday morning and said to her that I needed some of her magic in getting me through a difficult patch in my life. Francesca’s coaching did more than that, it has changed my way of thinking, from negative to positive and to one of knowing exactly what I want from my life. (Make a Francesca List and the magic happens effortlessly and easily). The biggest change has come from within me. I have stated to Francesca that I have got my internal happiness back and that for me is what I wanted most of all. If you want your life to be happy and fulfilled please do her coaching and you will only ever look forward, never returning to the “way that it was”. Have fun and live your life to the fullest.

Judy Harvey

Corporate Clarity

I loved my time coaching with Francesca through the Inspired to Success Program. It was a year of big goals and change for me and Francesca has been part of making things happen. I started last year with the goal to have 6 months overseas traveling round Europe and England with my husband and children and this involved a lot or organisation and support and Francesca offered the clarity I needed to make it happen.

I am now so much clearer on where I am with my business, where I want to be and I’m working through what I need to do to achieve my goals with Francesca’s guidance and accountability. She has introduced me to many new tools to shift my mindset and I know I’m on the right track. We continue to work together to keep those results rolling in.

Lisa Snowdon

Founder, Vibrant Nutrition

One of the first coaching programs I did in business, was a Mindset Mastermind group facilitated by Francesca. I learnt so much about myself which helped me grow as a person. The one thing that made the biggest difference to my mindset was E + R = R. This is one of my foundations for life and something I pass on to my family and clients. If you don’t know what this means, ask me, or book a session with Francesca. Thanks for introducing me to so many concepts that are now part of my life 6 years later!

Jo Saunders

LinkedIn & Content Strategist

I approached Francesca because for a long time I had been helping my daughter get well but neglecting many other areas of responsibility in my life. Francesca helped me by allowing my daughter to trust a person other than myself. The result was that my daughter went from living in darkness and avoiding life, to becoming a fully satisfied human being.

One thing I liked was Francesca’s willingness to be available, not just in “office hours”, but also at times when my daughter needed her. I found the experience mystifyingly astonishing! Like watching a rose bud bloom in time-lapse! I would recommend Francesca to people who need a mentor who is professional, flexible and skilled.”

Wendy Morgan

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