Raise Your Vibration

In my years of being a coach, I have gained a bit of a title as being the magical happiness coach.

It’s not uncommon for me to hear, “you have great energy you’re always so positive and happy.” Like everyone I have my moments when I may not be feeling so happy. I am however always aware (having practiced myself) of my energy and I am very protective of my energy. My energy is my vibration and while I am a lot of the time happy (when my energy/vibration is high) this is when I take action on things I love and are important to me.

When my vibe is high I feel great so I know the result will be great. On the flip side, when my vibe isn’t high I don’t take action because I know the result will match my energy, my vibration. So I shelter myself and my energy until I get my vibration back up. These days I can do it pretty quickly especially after a night’s sleep. I wake up knowing it’s a fresh brand new day and I set my vibration from there. Here are some tips I use to set and raise my vibe:


1. Each day from the moment we wake up it is a new beginning, a fresh start. Start the right way – Begin with thoughts that are on a high vibration from the moment you open your eyes. You may like to prepare a list of happy thoughts to immediately think about upon waking.

2. Choose the vibration/s (energy) that you intend (want) to be on (Love, Joy, Inspiration, Abundance, Flow, Ease) and choose to think the thoughts that match that vibration.

3. Prepare, when you first begin, it may not be so easy for these thoughts to just come to you. Have a list like I mentioned of thoughts/memories prior that you know will elicit these emotions from you when you think about them, so that they match the desired emotions you chose.

4 .By doing it this way you are utilizing the Law of Attraction, Deliberate Creation and Momentum. The longer you do it for the stronger the momentum becomes and once you choose to deliberately hold a thought for as little as 15 seconds another like thought is now being attracted to it.

5. To keep it up, top it up through the day. Take a break during the day and go outside, nature naturally raises our vibration or make time to do something you love to do

6. Stop thinking about the things that are making you unhappy or don’t feel at ease with and think of all the blessings you are surrounded by. You are in charge of your thoughts and you can always choose a better thought to think about.

7. Hang with like-minded people or if you don’t have any which I didn’t when I first began. So instead I would hang around with personal development gurus via books. Read a self-development book or sign up for a course like my Find the Rainbow in the Rain – Raise your Vibration e-course. (Coming Soon)

8. What gets measured gains momentum! Each day write down what improvements (evidence) you noticed and then after a few days’ notice how many more things you write down than you did on your first day.

9. Acknowledge and be proud of yourself, give yourself a pat on the back for wherever you are at. Just the fact that you are doing what you are doing to improve, regardless of the result is huge. Remember love and appreciation are the highest of all vibrations and you deserve it especially from yourself.

10. Go easy have fun with it, the way life is meant to be.


Enjoy xox

Francesca Vinci

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10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration!

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