3 Tips to Be Conscious of Your Mind Chatter

Whether it be consciously or unconsciously we are constantly having conversations in our head. Known as mind chatter this is our self-talk. Unfortunately, as much as 77% of what we say to self is negative, critical and does not serve us.

The majority of it stems from either guilt from something that has happened in the past or anxiety about the future. So we beat self-up in the Now, over something that has already past (and where it should left) or we are anxious about something that hasn’t even happened yet and may never come to pass.

What we say matters, especially what we say to ourselves. Pay attention to your mind chatter and when the negative chatter comes up practice these steps.

      1. Challenge it

        Realise you are giving power to a negative or limiting belief that does not serve you and that you are no longer willing to accept it.


      1. Answer it

        Either out loud or mentally. Say “NO, this does not serve me, Now, do you have something positive to say or I’m going to stop listening to you.” (What I tell my clients to do is imagine there is a devil and the angel on each shoulder and when negative self-talk (the devil) comes up to say “I don’t have to listen to you” and flick it off your shoulder).


    1. Replace it

      Replace the negative thought with a positive, empowering statement.

Practice being your own cheerleader with, positive, kind, loving and uplifting self-talk.

Enjoy xox

Francesca Vinci

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